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Vehicle fleet

With our extensive, well-equipped, very diverse and well-maintained fleet, we can offer you a wide range of transport options and services. 

Our current vehicle fleet:

If you would like to know more about our possibilities, please contact our planners.
They will be happy to be of service to you!

Box trailers

Poels-Janssen Logistics takes care of the majority of the transports with its large fleet of box trailers. Our planners tailor the wishes of the customers to the most efficient and economical execution of the order. From the most important logistics hotspots and transport hubs in the Netherlands and Germany, we can always offer tailor-made solutions.

In combination with special burglarproof trailer locks on the doors, the goods in our cabinet trailers are always well protected against theft. 

Refrigerated trailers

For loads that need to be transported under certain temperature conditions, we have ten refrigerated trailers at our disposal.

This enables us to transport goods in fully controlled and optimal conditions. Depending on the required level of preservation, temperatures in our refrigerated trailers can be regulated between -25 and +25 degrees Celsius. 

(Insulated) tautliners

We use specially insulated tautliners daily for transporting mushroom cultures. The sheets and doors of these trailers are insulated in such a way that a relatively constant temperature is achieved during transport so that the condition and quality of the cultures is guaranteed. 

By using sliding sheets, the cargo can also be loaded and unloaded from the sides. 

Special equipment

All our box trailers are equipped with qualified burglarproof locks to guarantee the security of the cargo in the best possible way. 

Moreover, almost all our trailers have a tailboard and pump truck so that our customers or locations can receive the cargo without the availability of a loading dock or forklift truck.